Trade-in Program

Do you have a closet full of communication devices that are outdated or not working?

AMDi has a solution for you!

  • Send in ANY communication device from ANY manufacturer, functional or not, and receive a 20% discount toward a NEW AMDi communicator.
  • Multiple device Trade-In orders can receive up to 30% off the order of new communicators!
  • If you have a communication device that no longer meets the needs of the end-user, TRADE IT IN!
  • If you have a communication device that no longer functions, TRADE IT IN!


To Setup a trade-in order please call our office at (888) 353 – 2634 to obtain an authorization number for the trade.  Thank you!

Conditions of the Trade-In Program:

  1. The Trade-In must be a communication device used in the AT market.
  2. AMDi will determine at its own discretion if the Trade-In communicator can be used for the discount of a new AMDi device.
  3. The Trade-In communicator can be from any manufacturer.
  4. The Trade-In communicator does not need to be functional.
  5. Only one Trade-In communicator can be used toward the purchase of a single new AMDi communicator. The Trade-In devices are used on a one-to-one basis.
  6. Multiple Trade-In devices can be used toward the purchase of multiple AMDi devices, but must meet the one-to-one ratio, in order to qualify for the larger discounts.
  7. A Trade-In communicator cannot be applied toward the purchase of a non-communicator device.
  8. The Trade-In device(s) must be received first before the order for the new device(s) is processed.
  9. Purchase orders utilizing the Trade-In program can only contain the order of new devices that match the Trade-In ratio of one-to-one. Device orders not utilizing the Trade-In program must be made on a separate purchase order.
  10. The Trade-In program is for a limited time only and can be cancelled at any time. Rules, pricing and discount percentages are subject to change without notice.

This promotion is valid for customers within the United States only.